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Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! I learned how to say that today. It is a big word. I like big words. Dada taught me how to say gregarious once.

This morning, I helped Mama cook the nummy turkey. This is me with nummy turkey. 

Then I made hand-turkey and colored it so boo-tiful.

Well that's about all for today. Dada won't let me eat his nummy pie until dinner. I guess I'll go play with my choo-choo's. They run up and down the window sill very well.

Yesterday, I climbed up on the window sill with them, but that did not make Mama happy.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Getting Stuck in Tight Places

        Today in Mama’s book, Jenny and Cal and Sheriff Thompson go into a silver mine. It is dark and scary. And they get stuck. I got stuck in a scary place once. 
       I climbs into a cardboard box and climbs and climbs and then I cannot get out. It was scary.

      But my uncle pulled me out. Jenny’s uncle is Sheriff Thompson. She likes him very much, but he is old. My uncle is young and he does fun things. He goes down slides with me. This is me climbing on my uncle’s puppy dog. 

       I likes my uncle’s puppy dog because he is china and he cannot lick me and push me over.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

    Sorry I've been away so long. Life has been exciting. Yesterday I got a whole choo-choo set for me and a puppy dog. My puppy dog is bigger than me and says "ruff, ruff, ruff."
   Today I am sick so after I watch Tomy (Thomas the Train), I read more of Mama's book. In this chapter, Jenny thinks she can shoot better than Cal so they have a contest. My Dada's a soldier so he shoots very good. This is me with Dada's soldier backpack. It is heavy.

   I have to go. I am going to go scare my puppy. I can rawr like a bear and it is VERY scary. Mama is always scared when I does it.