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              I loved this book. Ciullo describes events of Jesus’ earthly life with riveting intensity. She brings to life each of Jesus’ actions using modern life parallels. The historical details of 1st century Judean life that she adds make each of the gospel passages far richer than they would be alone. I’ve been reading the Bible since I was four, but I never got so much out of the stories of Jesus’ life as when Ciullo told them. As Ciullo described Jesus reaching out to the shunned Samaritan woman, God’s love gripped me in a new way. As Ciullo wrote about Jesus inviting women like Mary to learn from Him, even though women in those days were supposed to clean the house, not learn, I was awed by how Jesus overturned cultural norms to embrace the least of these.

                A quick read, this book is written in easy language that will keep you flipping pages. And after reading, you’re going to be inspired to dig into the meat of the gospels in a way you never have before.

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